The Strainograph-3D camera (SG-3D) is used for full-field strain, deformation, and fatigue measurements on small field of view with high resolution (5Mpx) or as 3D Video-Extensometer (up to 500Hz). The measurement principle is digital image correlation based on the world wide established VICTM software (VicSnap, Vic-3D and Vic-Gauge) of Correlated-Solutions. The isi-sys sensor hardware and Vic-software are fusing to a practical high end device for quick and reliable operation in material testing and structural analysis.

Advantages and features of  the SG-3D system:

  • Compact and rigid design, quick set-up and easy handling
  • Pre-adjusted, fixed field of view and stable calibration
  • Specially designed for small and very small field of view (FOV)
  • Reliable and fast USB 3.0 interface for Desktop or Laptop PCs
  • Turn-key solution including Vic-Snap and Vic-Gauge 3
  • DRobust and reliable post-processing with Vic-3D



Technical highlights of Strainograph SG-3D

  • 3D full field (5Mpx@75Hz frame rate) continuously recording on SSD
  • Higher framerates at reduced resolution
    (e. g. [Pixel@Hz]: 1600×1200@133; 1920×1080@148; 1280×720@217; 800×600@258; 640×480@315; 320×240@576).
  • suitable for Video-Extensometer functions and real time feedback control
  • Strain noise level of ±0,001% (±10µstrain) and better by time averaging
  • Deformation sensitivity in nm range (1/100 pixel) depending on FOV


Available measurement volume versions [mm]

height width depth
4,2 3,5 0,16
5,6 4,7 0,23
8,4 7,0 0,40
11,3 9,4 0,63
16,9 14,1 1,27
25,4 21,2 2,50

Data acquisition units (DAQ) for SG-3D


  • Image synchronised analogue data recording (8x differential mode,16 bit, ±10V)
  • 2 x analogue output channels for feedback control (16 bit, ±10V)
  • Camera triggering and (optional) phase synchronisation for periodic signals
  • Fully integrated and supported by all VIC TM software modules