3D-Micro-DIC System

The 3D-Micro-DIC stereo sensor system is developed for full field strain and deformation measurement on small FOV with highest precision and resolution over the complete field of view by 3D digital image correlation (DIC). It also operates as extensometer for real-time stain control. The Example below shows the new sensor version 2019 for 1:1 magnification. FOV range starts from 2:1 with 4.2 x 3.5 mm @ 5Mpx and 75Hz.


Advantages and features of  the 3D-Micro-DIC system:

  • Compact and rigid design, quick set-up and easy handling
  • Pre-adjusted, fixed field of view and stable calibration
  • Specially designed for small and very small field of view (FOV)
  • Reliable and fast USB 3.0 interface for Desktop or Laptop PCs
  • Turn-key solution including Vic-Snap and Vic-Gauge 3
  • DRobust and reliable post-processing with Vic-3D



Technical highlights of the 3D-Micro-DIC system

  • 3D full field (5Mpx@75Hz frame rate) continuously recording on SSD
  • Higher framerates at reduced resolution
    (e. g. [Pixel@Hz]: 1600×1200@133; 1920×1080@148; 1280×720@217; 800×600@258; 640×480@315; 320×240@576).
  • suitable for Video-Extensometer functions and real time feedback control
  • Strain noise level of ±0,001% (±10µstrain) and better by time averaging
  • Deformation sensitivity in nm range (1/100 pixel) depending on FOV

Available small FOV versions [mm]

1:2 Magnification (~ 16mm x 12mm @ 2.8 mm FOD)

1:1 Magnification (~ 8mm x 6mm @ 1.2 mm FOD)

2:1 Magnification (~ 4.2mm x 3.5mm @ 0.25 mm FOD)


Data acquisition units (DAQ) for 3D-Micro-DIC


  • Image synchronised analogue data recording (8x differential mode,16 bit, ±10V)
  • 2 x analogue output channels for feedback control (16 bit, ±10V)
  • Camera triggering and (optional) phase synchronisation for periodic signals
  • Fully integrated and supported by all VIC TM software modules