Strain Gauge Comparison

In this example a Vic-3D measurement with 5MP CMOS Camera was performed. The acryl specimen is fixed in a tensile testing machine. A strain gauge is attached at the back in combination with a SCAD 500 strain gauge amplifier. The output of the SCAD 500 was connected to the DAQ of the DIC system. The strain results are recorded parallel with the Vic-3D measurement and plotted in a diagram. The camera type is equipped with Sony 5Mpx Pregius sensor, 75 fps.

Strain Gauge Comparison-1  Strain Gauge Comparison-1a

Image 1: Vic-3D measurement of the acryl specimen

Strain Gauge Comparison-2

Image 2: Comparison of strain gauge data (red curve) and DIC Strain data (black curve)

The Vic-3D data match nearly perfect with the strain gauge data. Even at low strains the difference is less than 25 micro strain.