About Correlated Solutions Europe

Correlated Solutions Europe is system integrator and developer of  optical measurement solutions for full-field non-contact deformation and strain measurements with innovative solutions for dynamic applications based on digital image correlation.

Application fields are material testing strength and vibration analysis or fatigue monitoring for example.  We also offer measurement service for research and development. The Image correlation software is based on the VIC software (Vic-2D/3D, VicVolume, VicGauge …) of Correlated Solutions INC, USA. So Correlated Solutions Europe stays in strong and close cooperation with Correlated Solutions INC, USA.

Our customers include research institutes especially for mechanics, materials and NDT as well as industries mainly in the field of automotive and aerospace engineering where the technology is applied in development (strain measurement, deformation measurement and vibration analysis).

Correlated Solutions Europe is a sole proprietor and owned by Dr.-Ing. Peter Mäckel. We are operating worldwide in cooperation with local technical representatives and OEM partners.