HEDLER LED light sources

isi-sys offers various light sources from Hedler, in particular the following products, for which we also offer a polarization filter specially developed by us (read more>>):



Focusable white LED light source with 185W, continuous wave



The HEDLER Profilux LED1000 is a new developed continuous light unit which generates with one high power single LED daylight quality with approx. 5600K and a CRI > 90 – flicker-free! It has an extremely quiet fan cooling and a special, active LED cooling; the LED has an average lifetime of approx. 50000 hours.

It comes with:

  • Fresnel lens
  • 185 Watts high power single cell LED
  • Integrated Electronic Ballast
  • U-bracket with 5/8″ quick-lock light stand attachment and friction brake plus the HEDLER QuickFit adapter for comfortable and fast interchanging of reflectors.



LED 650

70° expanded white LED light source with 75W continuous wave



LED 1000x

75°expanded white light source with 185W continuous wave


Note: The LED 650 and 1000x are only recommended for large FOV >1m applications at short object distances for cost reasons. Operation with separate light stand or tripod recommended, as without focusing such as for LED 1000.