Blue-X-Focus – LED light source

The new LED light source with 100W power and up to 200W in pulse mode

The Blue-X-Focus is a powerful LED light source, especially designed by isi-sys for digital image correlation:

  • The short, single wave length (blue) improves the optical transfer function properties especially a) at the image boarders for conventional lenses and b) for high resolution, small FOV set-ups such as the Micro 3D stereo sensor.
  • The pulse mode reduces motion blur and maximizes light power at lowest possible heating of the object surface
  • Large beam expansion range from 5° to 60° for small to large field of view. Operation through small windows
  • A polarization-filter (optional) is suppressing direct reflections in combination with a second pair for the sensors
  • The short wavelength can be used in combination with bandpass filters for measuring on hot samples

Further details:

  • Power: Standard operation with 100W in continuous mode or 200W for pulse mode depending on duty cycle. Example for 0,7 duty cycle: 105W @ 240Hz and 2,9ms flash period. Power adjustable manually or external by pulse length and frequency as well as automatically limited depending on temperature.
  • The focusing adapter for standard DIC is from 5° to 60° expansion.
  • Mounting is possible horizontal or vertical via  ¼” threads
  • The cooling air stream is directed from the front inlet to the backside to avoid hot air waves in the images.

Application example for DIC on small FOV (magnification 1:1 approx. 14x10mm @ 12Mpx, Rodagon 135mm)