Blue-X-Lite (LED light source)

The Blue-X-Lite is a entry-level professional flicker free lighting solution for DIC. Short wave length, small bandwidth, pulse mode, focusable

  • The Blue-X-Lite can be used in continuous wave mode (CW) or in pulsed mode (Pulse) with 20 W. Due to its fast rise times < 100 ns in combination with special trigger unit it is also suitable for synchronization with DIC systems with stroboscopic illumination.
  • Light intensity can be controlled stepless up to  60% light intensity for continuous wave mode (CW) and 100% light intensity for pulse mode (Pulse).
  • Frame rates: Two versions are available with trigger frequency up to 1,000 Hz or 10,000 Hz.
  • The Blue-X-Lite can be easily attached directly to the stereo bar by flexible arms for individual adjustment of the light direction.
    The fanless design offers the advantage of no vibrations transmitted to the stereo bar.
  • Mounting: 1/4″, 3/8” and M6 threads for tripod or flexible mounting arms (bottom). M4 threads (front) for mounting to VIC-Professional fine adjustment camera mounts.