Polarization filter for HEDLER LED

NEW! The new polarization filter for HEDLER LED

The major reason for applying light forming equipment in DIC is to avoid direct reflections. The HEDLER Profilux LEDs can be equipped with different light forming accessories such as usually applied in conventional photo studios. Some of them are also suitable for DIC. Correlated Solutions Europe can recommend suitable accessories for your application.

However the first basic recommendation is to set up the light source independently from the DIC system to adjust a suitable illumination direction. In a number of applications this is sufficient and these accessories can be avoided, which is of advantage, because their application is combined with light losses.

A highly recommended item is the new polarization filter especially developed for the high power Hedler LED 1000, which helps to work on strongly curved and shiny – even wet – surfaces, when combined with suitable polarisation filters on the DIC stereo system