Setup. Control. Acquire.


VICSnap RemoteThe new Vic-Snap Remote app will change

the way you set up your image correlation tests.


Conveniently view live images on your mobile device or tablet while setting up the cameras. Zoom in with a pinch to adjust your focus. The crosshairs help align the cameras just perfectly. Control exposure to get your images well lit (the histogram helps, too). Acquire calibration images with a tap.  Compatible with most iOS and Android devices. Now available on the App Store and the Google Play Store.







VICSnap Remote2


  • Remotely view and acquire images from Vic-Snap image acquisition systems
  • Detect and control multiple Vic-Snap systems with one device
  • Pinch-to-zoom live images
  • Double-tap images for full-screen viewing
  • Adjust the cameras’ exposure time
  • Acquire calibration and test images with automatic file naming
  • Toggle cross-hairs for alignment
  • View gray scale histogram for adjusting exposure
  • Over and under-exposure indicated using red and blue





You will find further information about VIC Snap Remote on the following web page: