Microscopic Strain Measurement

Combination of a special stereomicroscope with Vic-3D digital image correlation on electronic components.


Uni Wien Mikroskop

Measurement set up: Stereo microscope mounted

on x-y-z-microtable (backside) and tensile machine (right).


Uni Wien Mikroskop2

Uni Wien Mikroskop3

Servered ceramic capacitor chip under bending load (image width approx. 4mm):
Strain in x-direction (upper image) and y- direction (lower image).


Uni Wien Mikroskop4

Uni Wien Mikroskop5

Standard derivation (upper) under load : An increased value occurs on the middle against the reference
state by the locally small bulge at the contact between chip and board (see 3D conture below). This might be caused
by material , which is pressed together between the two parts (including the colour layer). In the upper area the
increased values of the standard derivation is caused by the reduced speckle density.